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April 5th, 2016
A romantic marriage proposal on a pier overlooking picturesque Mobile Bay turned into a nightmare for an Alabama man who fumbled the ring and helplessly watched it bounce into the water below.


Greg's well-intentioned plan was to share a magical outing with his girlfriend, Sara, on the pier at Fairhope. There, he would surprise her by popping the question. Somehow, Greg never got the memo that diamond engagement rings and large bodies of water do not mix.

With a friend capturing the picture-perfect moment with an iPhone, Greg delivered a heartfelt proposal, got down on one knee and presented a ring box that he had hidden in his pocket. All good, so far.


Then, he opened the box and watched helplessly as the diamond engagement ring seemed to fly out, bouncing on the wooden decking and then splashing into the bay. The shocked couple can be seen staring into the water.

Greg and Sara could hardly believe what had just happened.


"We were thinking that we just saw some splash, but that this was not real," Greg told CW 39.

The future groom bravely jumped into the water, but had no success locating the uninsured ring.


All was not lost, however, as the determined Alabaman escorted Sara back to the jewelry store the very same day. He purchased a replacement ring and proposed right there in the retail establishment.

"Then I did something of a quick proposal," Greg told CW 39. "Just asked her if she would marry me in the store."

Sara said, "Yes."

Greg joked that the proposal took place on dry land with no water nearby — a hard lesson learned.

Credits: Video screen captures via cw39.com.