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Rinehart Jewelry Blog
August 2nd, 2016
Did you know that July 31 was the busiest moving day of the year and that the summer is the most popular moving season? So, if you're planning to resettle across town or even across the country, please consider these tips compiled by Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company and amended by our team for keeping your jewelry safe...

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• Do not pack valuable jewelry in boxes and do not put your jewelry into storage. It can get lost with other items or stolen.

• If you’re moving locally, keep valuable items in a safety deposit box at a bank until you’re settled in and ready to retrieve them. If you’re moving a long distance, keep valuable jewelry with you at all times.

• Don’t wear jewelry while you’re packing, unpacking or doing heavy lifting. You may damage, bend or scratch precious metals, or chip valuable stones.

• Pack earrings, necklaces and bracelets separately so they don’t get tangled. Use zip-type small storage bags or pill organizers.

• Keep track of your items. Take a picture of each piece and create a detailed list of the items. Be sure to write a description for each piece and include serial numbers for items that have them. Make two copies of the list – take one with you when you move, and store the other one in a safety deposit box.

• Make sure your valuable items have been recently appraised to reflect their current values and replacement costs. If necessary, adjust your coverage accordingly. Make copies of appraisals and receipts. Again, take one copy with you and place the other in a safety deposit box.

• Your jewelry should be properly insured. If your jewelry is covered under your homeowners’ or rental policy, it may only be insured for up to $1,000. Also, be sure your insurance company covers "mysterious disappearance." Often, it won't.

• Resist using social media. As tempting as it is to share the excitement of your move, save the stories and photos for your housewarming party. Well intentioned posts can easily extend past your group of friends. Your family's jewels are more vulnerable during your move, so the fewer people who know about it, the better.

For more information on protecting your jewelry, visit Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company's website here.

Credit: Image by BigStockPhoto.com.